SUMMARY: .nfs* Enlightenment ... please

From: Jochen Bern (
Date: Wed Apr 29 1998 - 06:58:16 CDT

Original Request (Excerpt):
> Situation: SUN SPARCstation 10, 4.1.3_U1B, OpenWindows 3.0 mailtool
> This Machine occasionally stops cold, with an increased Probability
> of doing so while I'm reading large MIME enhanced Mails. (Actually
> it's been doing that for YEARS ... :-C ) Now I discovered that after
> such a Hang, .nfs* Files turn up in my Homedir, obviously from mail-
> tool
> Interestingly, they turn up when I re-open the mailtool that "caused"
> the Hang, not while the SS10 is hung or booting, which leaves me a
> Bit puzzled about how they get created in the first Place ...
> Even worse, I meanwhile noticed that .nfs* Files keep popping up
> even without the Machine hanging. :-C
> Hence my Questions: Am I correct to assume that especially the latter
> points to an NFS Problem between the SS10 and its Fileserver, and if
> yes, how should I go pinpointing and (hopefully) fixing it?

Talk about wishful Thinking. :-} The Mechanism creating the .nfs*
Files is NOT related to the Crashes, and it's NOT done when the
mailtool "at Fault" gets restarted; They get created when a SECOND
mailtool wants to use the ~/.mtdeletelog File (I use separate mailtools
for different Inboxes of mine). No OS or Network Problem involved.

Thanks to: Dieter Gobbers <> and all that'll
reply while this SUMMARY is in Transit.

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