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From: Ajay Gautam (ajay@avlinsun.avlin.stpn.soft.net)
Date: Wed Apr 29 1998 - 12:00:36 CDT

Hello to all....

I Got another mail after i summarized (Infact this guy requested for a
summary), so I am adding his responces to this SUMMARY and re-sending it....

Thanks a lot for all your responses. They were very informative and would
(hopefully) form a part of everyone's personal archive for a long time...

Orignal Question
I am looking for material (web) on Solaris Architecture. I am using solaris

Please also tell me more sites where i can find general + Admin info about
solaris. I know only 2 :
1. docs.sun.com
2. sun.icsnet.com

Replys send by:
Celeste Stokely <celeste@stokely.com>
Chan Ling Ling <llchan@kdupg.edu.my>
Claudia Miller <millerc@onlinelife.com>
Esther Muller <emr@wcomp.gov.za>
Matthew Potter <mpotter@bellatlantic.net>
"Terje J. Hanssen" <nteknikk@monet.no>
vipin@iis.stpn.soft.net (Vipin Sharma)
Jacques Rall <rall@trema.com>

List of web sites I got :
http://www.stokely.com -- Home of Unix Serial Port & Sysadm Resources
http://www.ugu.com -- Unix Guru Universal
http://www.sun.com/spares/handbook.html -- SUN Engineer Field Book
http://www.sun.com/sunworldonline/ -- Sunworld Online
http://www.samag.com/ -- SysAdmin magazine
http://www.ugu.com/sui/ugu/show?ugu -- Unix Guru Universe
http://smc.vnet.net/solaris_2.5.html -- Solaris 2.5 Freeware For SPARC
http://www.satanic.org/ -- there is always Satanic Sysadmins
ftp://ftp.fwi.uva.nl/pub/solaris/solaris2.html -- Solaris 2 FAQ
http://www.stonehenge.com/merlyn/ -- Randal L Schwartz' Home page - links
to Unix and perl pages
http://sunsite.unc.edu/sun/inform/sun-managers-summary.html -- Search
Sun-managers summaries
http://www.latech.edu/sunmanfaq.html -- Sun-managers FAQ
http://www.latech.edu/sunman.html -- Sun-managers archives
http://www.zilker.net/business/pci/sun/ -- Sun Server (news tabloid)
http://sunsolve1.sun.com/ -- Solaris white papers, FAQ, other documents
http://www.performancecomputing.com/ -- Computing magazine (includes Q+A)
http://www.sun.com -- Sun's home page
http://www.sunsolve.sun.com/ -- Only if you have a contract with sun
http://www.dataman.nl/cgi-bin/sunmanagers (very good)

1. Take a look at SunWorld Magazine > Tech Expertice > Inside Solaris Jim
which currently has covered the following issues:

August 1997 Processor utilization and wait I/O -- a look inside
September 1997 Shared memory uncovered
October 1997 Setting our sights on semaphores
November 1997 Demangling message queues
December 1997 Swap space implementation, part one
January 1998 Swap space implementation, part two
February 1998 Fiddling around with files, part one
March 1998 Fiddling around with files, part two
April 1998 Fiddling around with files, part 3

2. Also SunSolve (Data) CDs (and Online I expect) holds
a lot of technical papers on Architechture.

Ajay Gautam ajay@avlin.stpn.soft.net.
http://avlinsun.avlin.stpn.soft.net/~ajay (A very dirty page).

I better be myself. I am too good to be anyone else.

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