SUMMARY:magneto optical disks

From: Wolfgang Leideck (
Date: Tue Apr 28 1998 - 01:31:13 CDT

Here is the summary so far about attaching a magneto optical disk on a sun.
First the driver info.
There are some commercial drivers:
A free driver is at
Installing info.
On solaris 2.5 i've got no chance to get the mo drive running. On solaris 2.6
you must set the scsi_options to asynchronous (i don't know the parameter,
could anybody help me?) and 'boot -r' should work but you can it only use with
512 Byte blocks.
We have a Fujitsu M2513A and want to use it with 2048 Byte blocks (under linux
it works). We are looking for a free solution.
Thanks to all who have mailed to me.

Here the original question:
> Hello Managers.
> Is there a way to connect a magneto optical disk on a sparcstation
> under solaris 2.x. Are there any drivers (commercial or free) and how
> i can setup solaris?
> It's a Fujitsu M2513A.

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