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From: Antonino Sanacori (
Date: Fri Apr 24 1998 - 04:43:12 CDT

 I have solved my problem adding the following lines to my
I have followed too the instructions described in:

Thanks to:
Jochen Bern
Claus Assmann
Richard Butler
Michael Pavlov
Bismark espinoza
Wall Winzer

Original message:

Hi all.
I have a mail problem on my solaris 2.6 workstation. A external user (by
host: master) cannot send me a mail (on host: erice) receiving a local
configuration error message by his system.
Here the error message :
 553 config error: mail loops back to myself
 554 <>... Local configuration error
 But I can send mail to this user.
I have done some tests using mailx -v from remote host master to my host erice
(both systems belong to same domain:
 Here is the output:
 1) from master to erice .. Connecting to ..
 220 Sendmail ....
 250 Hello master, pleased to meet you.
>> MAIL from:<>
 250 Message accepted for delivery
 221 closing connection
The output of domainname on erice is correct. I think the problem consist
in a wrong configuration of the my sendmail. May you help me ? Thank you.

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