SUMMARY [booting the new ultra 5]

From: Simon Convey (
Date: Fri Apr 24 1998 - 02:36:49 CDT

Thanks to all those who replied,

Frank Sargent, Kwok Che Tang, John F Steffen, Robert Gillespie, Jayant
Ramakrishnan, Harry Levinson
Jim Harmon, Igor Khurgin, Robert Bailey, Joel Lee and Dmitry Dneprov.

Most of you had the answer I was looking for....
    Sun shipped me a new ultra 5 without an OS on it, just the
jumpstart. O.K. I'll find my latest 2.5.1 cdrom and boot that..Nope, it
paniced. Hmm. I then made an install/boot server on another machine.
That also panicked. I then found the August solaris 2.6 ( perhaps the
new hardware was only supported on 2.6, after all, I built my enterprise
450 pci bus machine using that panicked.......)

I phoned sun and said 'Hey guys, you didn't ship me a cdrom...' Oh they
said, you can use your Q4/1997 solaris 2.5.1. Or the March 1998 2.6 . I
ordered the March 2.6 which I still don't have....( I think it was only
availible last week ...). It seems that Q4 solaris doesn't cut it, it
MUST be 11/97 solaris 2.5.1....I think the tech people at Sun gave me
the wrong info about Q4/Solaris...never mind ......

I still havn't booted it because I'm waitng for the disk, but the kernel
arch too boot is sun4d, sun4u like the enterprise 450 with pci...

Many regards,
Simon Convey

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