SUMMARY:(followup) SIMS v IMAP+mbox

From: Richard Butler (
Date: Thu Apr 23 1998 - 09:10:43 CDT

 It seems that the IMAP in SIMS 3.0 has configurable directories etc. This
does not seem to be the case with SIMS 2.0 which is what I had. My
opinion is that it is still better to compile IMAP and POP3 from unless SIMS 3.0 has really added something
special. I did have a problem with Netscape and only Netscape as a client
(original summary), and this is the reason for this followup.

 Two further people gave suggestions for resolving the "incompatibility"
between IMAP version 10.221 and Netscape Communicator. While I was still
playing trying to find what had broken between this and an earlier 9.0, a
new version came out 10.224 (20.4.98). This works fine.

Thanks to:
Chris Alexander>
Birger Wathne>

and especially to:
Mark Crispin> who appears to have resolved the
problem already.

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