[Summary] Max RAM on Ultra 2

From: Chris Marble (cmarble@orion.ac.hmc.edu)
Date: Wed Apr 22 1998 - 11:34:04 CDT

Chris Marble wrote:
> A user has an Ultra 2 Model 2168. It reports as having a
> 256Mb SIMM and a 128Mb SIMM in it for a total of 384Mb of RAM.
> How many slots are there for RAM? What's the max capacity?
> How many SIMMs are in an upgrade kit?

I have gotten 10 responses so far. Here's the summary:

The machine has 16 slots. RAM is added in sets of 4 DIMMs.
My 256Mb is a set a 4 64Mb DIMMs and the 128Mb is a set of 4 32Mb
DIMMs. Max RAM is 2Gb.

Some information is available at:

  Chris_Marble@hmc.edu - HMC UNIX & Information Systems Manager

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