Summary: Severe over-temperature condition

From: leg (
Date: Tue Apr 21 1998 - 15:11:17 CDT

Well this is a strange and wacky world we live in, for sure. I posted
to sun-managers, and got 1) answers from all over and 2) a fan from
someone one floor up in the same building!! I new this list was fast,
but ...

Anyway, I did get some good answers, and some not so good. ABout half of
the replies were from folks who berated ourt field support, thanks folks
that helped, NOT!

Other suggested some sources, including Sun Express. Also, some quick fixes.

Sun Express - 1.800.873.7869 or
Comtek in calf. at 800-823-4450
Pentium fans - seems they're believed to be the same size
EBS Electronic Business Solutions - Steve Shepard @ 978-663-2500

Several people told of simply placing an external fan into position until
the new one arrived.

Finally, for the brave at heart, Michael Baumann suggests,

> if you can extract from the machine do the following:
> 1) Clense with compressed air to remove as much dust as possible
> 2) Follow up with a solvent, if you have such (e.g. TF, or the like)
> 3) Finally, hit with a shot of WD-40, or similar light lubricant.

Thanks to all of you who provided useful answers, to the other, thanks
for wasting bandwidth, it helps with jusitifing faster backbones at

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