SUMMARY: Need command-line image file conversion tool

Date: Mon Apr 20 1998 - 21:07:20 CDT

Original post:

We are looking to be able to do batch conversions of X Window dump
(xwd) and/or Postscript format files to GIF format, for automatic
posting to a web page. Note the 'batch' requirement, so a command-
line tool is what's needed.


4 tools were suggested: PBMplus, netPBM, Image Tools, and ImageMagick.
And the winner is...netPBM! netPBM, it seems, is a newer version of
PBMplus. It consists of a slew of stand-alone converters that convert
either to or from an intermediate portable bitmap format. Also included
are a number of image manipulation tools.

I found a Solaris 2.5-compiled version at the University of Florida at:

Since netPBM worked for me, I haven't yet tried ImageMagick (although
I did download it).

Thanks to:

Kevin Sheehan
Jeff Brody
Sanjiv Bhatia
Bill Townsley
Rick von Richter
Mark Hershberger

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