SUMMARY: Cheap Fast-Ethernet SBus Card anyone ?

From: Thomas Leitner (
Date: Mon Apr 20 1998 - 14:17:52 CDT


Thanks to all who replied to my posting. I looks as if there are
really some reasonably priced cards, though still much more
expensive than for the PCI bus. Even my local dealer in the end
offered me a card for about US$800 (including local V.A.T.).

The interesting point is, that there is a combined ultra/wide SCSI +
Fast Ethernet card which is *CHEAPER* than the Fast-Ethernet card
without SCSI interface of the same brand.


So thanks to all who replied. Here are the e-mails I got, followed
by my original posting.


From: Chris Cariffe <>

try Tatung. They may make one that is reasonably priced.

From: Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child} <>

Try PTI??

                l & h,

From: Robert Glover <>

I think you have a problem here. I researched this problem back in November
and the only clone Sbus card I was able to find was priced the same as the
Sun one. It seemed likely that the makers of this particulare clone also make
the card for Sun. I ended up buying the Sun card anyway.

From: LINDA S GEE <>

We just bought two F/W SCSI-2 Fast Ethernet 10/100mbps for $695 each (Integrix)
from Pacific Computer Expansions, Inc.
From: Matt Reynolds <>

Tom,All I could find is the following:
1. SCSI Fast/Narrow SE & 10 Base T ethernet : $395
2. SCSI Fast/Wide SE & 10/100 Base-T ethernet: $695
3. 10/100 Base-T Fast Ethernet $795
All are sbus products. Source:
Workstation Express, 800-844-5757
Matt Reynolds

From: Kurt Weiske <>
Subject: Re: Cheap Fast-Ethernet SBus Card anyone ?

Check out Marathon International - I bought a
Sun brand 100 mbit card for $730 US.

I would be wary of the card they call (I believe) a SunSwift card - I put
one in and it went down almost immediately. That card has never been able
to do full duplex fast ethernet, either.

The card that comes up as device hmeX has been in place since then,
without a single problem.

Good Luck,


From: Tom Bosick <>

Call Jim Hall at Marathon 650-919-0333

-------------------- O R I G I N A L P O S T I N G ------------------

Short question: Can anyone point me to a cheap Fast-Ethernet SBus
card for an SS20 running Solaris 2.5.1? Must not be a Sun brand.
Third party would be o.k. as well. I've already checked with our
usual Sun dealers but to shell out more than US$1000 for a fast-ethernet
card is ridiculous.

Thanks a lot -- Tom

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