SUMMARY: Booting Sparc 1+ w/new disk

From: James Ford (
Date: Sun Apr 19 1998 - 18:33:31 CDT

Original question/message was:

>Problem. The system will not come up. Apparently it's looking to
>boot from le()vmunix which (I think) is the ethernet card. How can I get
>it to boot from the new drive? probe-scsi shows the Seagate drive at
>target 0, logical unit 0. Prom version is 1.3.

I received several answers. Several people mentioned that I should
have the diag option set to FALSE (I had). One person told me to
check and see if a Sparc 1+ can run Solaris 2.5 (it can).

The answer that solved my problem was:

Stephen Harris <>: Try "sd(0,3,0)". Sun's can remap ID's
0 and 3 for some historical reason, so scsi id 0 is logical ID 3 and
scsi id 3 is logical ID 0.

Thus I set the boot device to be sd(0,3,0) and the system boots.

Many thanks to:

Ronald Loftin <>
Stephen Harris <>
Bryan Hodgson <>
Chris Liljenstolpe <>
"David Evans" <>

for their quick emails.

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