Summary boot net Timeout waiting for ARP/RARP packet

From: Gerhard den Hollander (
Date: Fri Apr 17 1998 - 08:31:21 CDT

Very short description of problem.

Trying to boot over the net,
Followed all the steps in the Solaris Advanced Installation Guide,

get an error message upon doing a boot net that sais
Timeout waiting for ARP/RARP packet.


in the ethers map, make *ABSOLUTELY* sure that you do *NOT* specify
trailing 0's in the ethernet adresses for your machine
(and use lower case hex only)

I had
in /etc/ethers

this should have been

[insert frustrated screams, sounds of fists pounding on the wall]

what's even worse is that if you arp -a you will get the address back as

Thanks very much to Casper who gave the correct solution,

also muchos thanks to all the others who supplied helpfull suggestions,
hints, tips and shared stories of similar woes
[while the latter didn't help with the problem, they did relieve ;) ]

Kind regards,
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