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Date: Thu Apr 16 1998 - 13:23:25 CDT

Thanks for all the answers.

Here's the original question:

!I have a sparc machine with Solaris 2.5.1 on that can't boot.
!The system begin the bootstrap and when it's going to read his kernel,
!have a grey screen in a few second and then it tries to reboot
!but it never boot.
!Is it a hardware problem or the kernel is corrupted? What can I do?
!Thanks for your help

I've received many goods answers from

Just after have send the question, I've try to boot with the CDROM and
it's was impossible. So, like most of us suggest me,
it's was a hardware problem, probably the memory. I've gotten a good
suggestion from Michael Hill

Try to get to the ok> prompt, and make sure the 'selftest-#megs' NVRAM
parameter is set to the amount of physical memory in the machine (as
shown by the banner when the screen comes on). Then test the memory
to see if you have a bad SIMM.

Ans I've found that the problem was a bas SIMM.

Thanks to everybody that helped me.

Josee Robichaud


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