SUMMARY: Solaris V2.5.1 BIND

From: Charlie Mengler (
Date: Wed Apr 15 1998 - 13:32:37 CDT

Below is a copy of my original post with answers inline -

How do I determine which version of BIND is being
run on Solaris V2.5.1 with a fairly recent patch set?

Wales Wong provided this clever solution.

nslookup -class=chaos -q=txt version.bind.
If this can't work, try
        strings in.named | grep "(#)named"

Andrew M Townsend wrote:
> Hi -
> Run this:
> in.named -d 2
> Will run named and create the following output file:
> /var/tmp/
> The first few lines of which will resemble the following (this is from my last active debug run):
> # more
> Debug turned ON, Level 2
> Version = named 4.9.3-P1
> bootfile = /etc/named.boot

If I decide that it is worthwhile, where would I find
off the 'Net the latest version of BIND?

Karl Vogel among others replied with the info below -

     BIND source code:


Where might I find a fairly recent version of SPARC
binaries for both sendmail & bind for V2.5.1?
(I'm lazy and have more to do than time to do it all.)

A number of folks pointed me at -

However I never did find binaries for either of these.

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