SUMMARY: pop3d debugging and solution(s)

From: Morgan Sarges (
Date: Wed Apr 15 1998 - 05:28:47 CDT

Hello all,
        Below are the people that helped us thru our latest Solaris problem,
and the solutions. Once again, the question was:

Running a Sun Ultra Sparc (Ultra-1) with Solaris 2.5.1 and reccommended patch
cluster (MINUS patch 103582-15), we have seen a significant performance falloff
with tcp connections. One of these is our pop3 server, aka ipop3d. Are there
any fixes or suggestions on how to debug pop3??

Here are the folks, and the answers:

From: (D. Ellen March) <>

>Hi there,
>I run my pop3 daemon in debug like this:
>Edit /etc/inetd.conf file to say:
>pop3 stream tcp nowait root /usr/etc/popper popper -t /var/tmp/pop.log
>Send a HUP to inetd
>tail -f the pop.log and watch it as you do
>mconnect -p 110 pop_server_host
>user username
>pass password
>See an old SUN INFODOC # 12703 for more info.

** Since we were not running popper (or qpopper, which is really bad, in our
** experience) this solution didnt work for us.

From: Rob Windsor <>
Subject: Re: Debugging ipop3d

>Reccomends we go with something other than the Solaris version 1 pop server.

From: "Auteria Wally Winzer Jr." <wally.winzer@ChampUSA.COM>
Subject: Re: Debugging ipop3d

>Sorry I did not post this information the first time. You can download
>CAC-Washington's IMAPD Server (imapd, ipop2d, and ipop3d) at:
>grab imap-4.1.BETA.tar.Z
>I've also created pkg instances of the CAC-Washington IMAPD Server for
>2.5.1-2.5 only. If anyone wishes to obtain the pkg email me and I'll send you
>the pkg. Specify if you want the "gz'ed" archive (unzipped it and place it
>run "pkgadd -d ."), or the pkgtrans version (gz'ed - unzip it, pkgtrans <dir>
>Within the filename you'll see either "pkg" or "sol_pkgadd".

> You can not debug ipop3d. You can truss ipop3d when it's running.
> Do something like the following:
> (truss -feal -p <ipop3d's PID #> 2>&1 | head -1000 > /tmp/ipop3d.out)
> The "()" are important for it executes the entire string as a single shell
> (command).

** This option right here (above) is the one we went with. The new ipop3d
** server is working great, and customers are happy, and I can fix my wifes
** brakes finally

From: Richard Butler <>
To: Morgan Sarges <>
Subject: Re: Debugging ipop3d

>Richard notes that the actual sun manpage says there are no debug
>options. He has replaced his pop3 server code as well, and is
>currently working thru problems with netscape clients talking to
>his server.

Thanks again to all of you for the help.


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