SUMMARY: sendmail.... and OOPS: Sendmail....

From: F Bennett (
Date: Tue Apr 14 1998 - 10:35:00 CDT

Sorry for the initial post which was unclear.
Sorry to those who thought that this was an
inappropiate question.

Thanks to the MANY people who responded
It is MUCH appreciated.

The most common suggestion and also easiest. do
the following; in the .forward file put
the \ prevents .forward from being invoked recursively

another suggestion was to use procmail


Fred Bennett


>Original request
> I know that I can use .forward to forward mail to a new location.
> Is there a way I can automatically copy incoming mail to a second location?


>Revised message

>Sorry, I was not clear concerning my question about sendmail.
>Let me try again.
>I know how to use .forward to send mail to second location.
>however, what I really want to do is have the mail delivered
>as usual to my SUN box, but also forwarded or CCed (might be better term)
>to a second location.
>If i just use .forward it goes to that loaction
>but is not delivered to orignal host.
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