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Date: Mon Apr 13 1998 - 18:31:31 CDT

Thanks to all how responded (Thomas Anders)
Vassilo Walluschnig" <> (Marc S. Gibian)
Todd Boss <> (Kevin Colagio)
Brooke King (6532)" <>

Answers and suggestions:

Most peolpe replied with scripts that they had written and run though
cron and rc2/3.d

I will send these if any one want them. I have had time to go though
them totally ..

They want patches to be installed in a depo on a server somewhere and
export to all machines.( This I already do )
Then the scripts mount and install the necessary patches from a list.

another suggestion

>Thank you for raising this issue. I've already been searching for useful
>tools for this, but nothing of the following was really complete for me:

1. from
   (Casper Dirk) - fast install (replacement for installpatch/patchadd)
2. 'patchdiag' from the Sunsolve CDs - analyze
3. 'patchinstall' from the Sunsolve CDs - comfortable install
4. PatchReport 2.x from
   (Joe Shamblin) - analyze and download

Thanks to all I will let you know what I finally do


Orginal question:

l question:

>We have a few hundred sun solaris boxes 2.5.1 and 2.6.
>Some are diskless and others are diskfull.
>I am looking for a utility that will install a patch or list of
>on all machines with out me logging into each machine and type
>Also, a nice feature would be if the machine was turn off when
you ran your
>utility; when the machine was turned on it would realize that
it needed
>to be updated...
>HP sorta does this with their remote SAM program.
>WE are playing with CFengine ( a gnu product that allows you to
do almost
>anything ) but have a ways to go.
>Does anyone have something or know of something I can use

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