SUMMARY: Any Significant Differences Between SPARC5 and SPARC20

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Here is the original Post:
Are there any significant differences between a SPARC5 and SPARC20 running
SunOS 4.1.4.
We are running SPARC20's on SunOS 4.1.4 and are about to get SPARC 5's and
want to
know if there are any special gotcha's to look out for?
They are both sun4m architecture right?

Thanks for the Web Reference

with regard to their hardware, and hardware capabilities:

    SPARCstation 5
        Processor(s): microSPARC II @ 70MHz, 85MHz, 110MHz;
                        57.0/64.0/? SPECint92, 47.3/54.6/? SPECfp92,
                        1352/1518/? SPECintRate92, 1122/1295/?
        Bus: SBus
        Memory: 256M physical
        Architecture: sun4m
        Notes: 16M standard in 70MHz model, 32M standard in
                        85MHz model. 8 SIMM slots, 8M or 32M SIMMs,
                        mixable except that any 32M SIMMs must be in
                        slots before any 8M SIMMs. Code name "Aurora".
                        Uses SCA connectors (see Misc Q&A #29) for
                        internal SCSI drives. Socketed CPU chip.

    SPARCstation 20M
        Processor(s): SuperSPARC @ 50MHz, 86.1 MIPS
        Bus: SBus, MBus
        Memory: 512M physical, 32K off-chip cache
        Notes: 32M standard. 1.44M 3.5" floppy.

    SPARCstation 20/xx
        Processor(s): Mbus modules
        Bus: SBus and Mbus; SBus for models 50 and 61 (and
                        possibly others?) @ 25MHz/64bits
        Memory: 512M physical
        Architecture: sun4m
        Notes: 1.44M 3.5" floppy. 32M standard all models. Code
                        name "Kodiak". Uses SCA connectors (see Misc Q&A
                        #29) for internal SCSI drives. 16, 32, or 64M
                        60ns SIMMs. Some models (514, others?) use
                        double-width CPU modules that block SBus slots.

                        model MHz SPECint92 SPECfp92 SPECint SPECfp
                        ----- --- --------- -------- -Rate92--Rate92-
                        20/50 50 69.2 78.3 1628 1842
                        20/502 50x2 2833 2995
                        20/51 50 73.6 84.8 1731 1995
                        20/514 50x4 6034 6752
                        20/61 60 88.9 102.8 2092 2418
                        20/612 60x2 3903 4645

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In a nutshell, SPAR20's were built as servers, 5's were workstations. 20
has a faster bus, more cache. Since the CPU's on newer SPARC 5's are up to
170Mhz, I don't think you'll notice a great difference.

BTW, I think Tatung and others still make SPARC20 clones.

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