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From: Derrick Lim (
Date: Thu Apr 09 1998 - 19:43:18 CDT

Many thanks to Casper Dik, Hermann Kuhn, Thomas Anders, Robert G.
Ferrell, Jeff Graham.

The consensus is that this is a bug of the cgsix driver. Install patch
105492-01, and this patch can be found on Sunsolve version 3.0.6
(December 1997). After applying the patch, i didn't face the problem so
far. So, i assume that the patch has really solved the problem.

Another workaround i can think of is to totally disable all the power
management features and screen saver on Solaris 2.6 When you first run
Solaris 2.6 after the installation, it will ask you whether to
enable/disable power management feature. The default is enable with 30
minutes inactivity time.

Also not to forget a point mentioned by Jeff Graham, that you should
actually log out after finished using, as the CDE login screen does not
exhibit the behaviour.

Recently i have also found out another workaround for this issue, that
is you can lock the screen. i used to leave my system to lock screen
over night, and the problem did not occur.

My original question is as follow. Thank you.

Hi all,

i'm running Solaris 2.6 on SPARC 20 with 32MB memory. As Solaris 2.6 has
this power management feature that will suspend the system and saving
workspace after 30 minute (default) of inactivity. i leave my SS20 on
over night, so the next morning i come in, the screen is blank (due to
the power management feature). However, when i try to wake the system
up, it has nothing on the screen. i try to press power key, move mouse,
type on keyboard, all to no avail.

However, i can login remotely and do all my things as normal. Just that
i couldn't get anything on the console (the screen is totally blank).
i've encoutered the same problems a few times on my SS20 and E3000 as
well. i've to remotely reboot the system and it will back to normal.

What is the problem? Could it be Solaris 2.6 bug? (i didn't encouter
this in Solaris 2.5.1 b4) If it is a bug, is there any patches?

Thanks in advance.

Derrick Lim
CSA Penang
email :

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