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Date: Wed Apr 08 1998 - 12:44:08 CDT

Thanks to all who responded. I received many ways to approach this
situation, and many work-arounds. My original question was:

Hello all,
    I have done quite a bit of reading in the archives, FAQ, & sun freeware,
but have yet to get a good grasp on paths. I am running a sun ultra 2,
2.5.1, & CDE. I downloaded the Bourne Again shell & gzip from the sun
freeware site. I got them installed correctly with pkgadd -d xxxx, and can
use them. However, I would like to add these to the path for all users
(regardless of their shell, or whether CDE or remote) and have not been able
to accomplish this. I can get what I want using :
    1) PATH=$PATH:/opt/FSFgzip/bin:/opt/FSFbash/bin
    2) export PATH
However, as soon as I log out & back in, the changes are gone.
    Also, I would like to use the man pages supplied with the packages, and
change the bash prompt to "hostname command#>" I can make this change by
    3) PS1="hostname \!>"
but again, when I log out & back in, the change is gone; and the hostname
isn't dynamically configured, I type it in the PS command.
    I have tried copying the /usr/dt/config/Xconfig to
/etc/dt/config/Xconfig and modifying the path variable with command 1 above,
this allows users on the machine using CDE to use these tools without typing
the absolute path, but not remote telnet sessions.
    Any help would be appreciated!!! I will summarize,
        Michael Cook

Some answers I tried:

-Copy the bash executable into the /bin directory, the man pages into the
/usr/share/man directories, run catman -w

- Copy the usr/dt/config/Xconfig file to /etc/dt/config/Xconfig & edit the
path variable. I used:
- Edit the /etc/default/login file. I used:

3) Set the preferences for each user using the /$Home/.dtprofile

I ended up trying several solutions, and ended up staying with solution 1.

    Thanks again!!!

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