SUMMARY + additional QUSETION : Tranfering files from var (fwd)

From: Aggeliki Karabassi - SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR (
Date: Wed Apr 08 1998 - 05:16:04 CDT


> I am facing the following problem :
> I have a SparcServer 1000 with Solaris 2.5 which is our department's name
> server. The /var partition is rather small, so I have to clean rather
> often wtmpx , utmpx etc which are in /var/adm.
> I tried to move them in a different directory and create a link. However
> it seems that the system mounts by default /, /var and /usr first and if
> it doesn't find /var/adm there , it refuses to continue booting and
> enters single user mode. Changing the order of mounts in vfstab doesn't
> seem to help.
> Has anybody experienced a similar problem ? Repartitioning the disk is not
> an option ...

I have received various answers but most of them suggested moving /var/adm
in a different filesystem and creating links, which as I already
mentionned does not work, or moving the entire /var which is not possible.
I should also mention that /var/spool/mail or /var/spool/mqueue are
already in different filesystems, and currently is is /var/adm that is
causing my space problem.

However one answer seems to me to be correct and it comes from
Russ Poffenberger ( ) who suggested the
following :
/var is handled as a special case in /etc/rcS.d/ You
can probably edit this script to mount the other filesystem you need as

After looking at this file, I found out that it handles in a special way
/, /var, /var/adm, and /usr.
So if I want to create a link from /var/adm to ex. /var2/adm which is
found in a different filesystem /var2, I suppose I should edit
/etc/rcS.d/ to handle /var2/adm in the same way ( + edit
some more files described in /etc/rcS.d/ ).
I haven't tried anything yet, since this involves shutting down the server
which can't be done anytime. So I 'd like to ask this

Has anybody any experience with editing these files ? Since
/etc/rcS.d/ is the file used by Solaris when booting in
single user mode I am afraid that if editing it creates a problem, I could
end up with a machine that refuses to boot ! If anybody has similar
experience, should I try adding the new /var2/adm before or after the
existing /var ?

Karabassi Aggeliki

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