SUMMARY: NIS+ problems w/ 1 client

Date: Tue Apr 07 1998 - 19:22:10 CDT

Well it turns out that David Thorburn-Gundlach came closest, well I assume

My question was one of our NIS+ clients was having trouble logging in as
anyone but root. Any user who logged on to this client was immediately
told that they had 'No Shell' and was promptly kicked out.

Many of you posted that it was a problem with the /etc/passwd file. Which
was not the case we have the same /etc/passwd on all our clients.

Some of you said it was /etc/shells, which agian is not the case because
none of our clients have the /etc/shells file.

Someone said it was /etc/nsswitch.conf. It's the same file on all clients.

Kris Briscoe, a Unix SA down in the valley (excuse me while I break out in
song), even offered to look into the problem. Thanks Kris!

David Thorburn-Gundlach suggested it was not NIS+ but local permissions
which were the problem.
I checked from the root directory, and sure enough, /usr/bin and /usr/lib
were somehow changed to mode 774! changing it to 775 helped but gave me a
different error.

I tried running truss on it. No luck!

Sun finally, after two !@@##>?!>#$! weeks came back with guess what?
rebuild it!!

Thanks to:
Kris Briscoe ( )
Art Freeman
Rick Niziak
David Thorburn-Gundlach
Bill Armand
Amol Karnik
Michael Bauman
Dennis Martens

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