SUMMARY: (2) large mouse pointer in CDE

From: Craig Eller (
Date: Tue Apr 07 1998 - 09:07:00 CDT

I've summarized this once, but after that summary I got the answer I was
**really** looking for from Jan Homan. Thanks very much Jan.

The original question:
> Does anyone have a cookbook method to get a large mouse pointer for an
> individual user, under CDE 1.0.2?

Jan's suggestion:
> the way it can be done is to scale the
> font used for the cursor and then use xset +fp to
> put this new font at the beginning of the font-path
> for each user who wants to have a larger mouse pointer.
> With this solution not only the cursor is bigger on
> the desktop but also in the windows, at the border of the
> windows etc.
> Jan Homan
> Square One bv

What I did, using Jan's suggestions and Jan's cursor.pcf file (attached;
it is the cursor font file, but with larger cursors):

1. Create a directory near your existing font files, e.g.:
/opt/SUNWxt/v2.1/fonts/misc/bigcursor. Set ownership and permission
same as other font directories.
2. Copy the attached cursor.pcf file to this new directory.
3. While in the new directory, run /usr/openwin/bin/mkfontdir. (This
creates a fonts.dir file)
4. Do "xset +fp new_font_path" to put the new font directory at the top
of the path.
5. Do "xset fp rehash" to re-read the new cursor font.
6. The last two commands could be added to a user's startup files.

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