SUMMARY: Missing _kvmd??

From: Pitcher, Glenn (
Date: Mon Apr 06 1998 - 16:30:14 CDT

[Original Question]
> I'm trying to write some code to read kernel structures but I've run
> into one small problem... the _kvmd structure isn't contained in any
> header file! A bug was logged on sunsolve (1011994) saying that the
> file kvm_impl.h is where _kvmd is defined but is not available.
> Does anyone know where I could get this header file from? Without it,
> I'm dead.
 ...and the survey says...

[Casper Dirk]
You are only supposed to use the pointer to kvmd strtucture for which
usage no declaration is needed.

The _kvmd structure is libkvm private.

So declare "kvm_t *" variables, not kvm_t variables.

[Art Freeman]
     I noticed that 'kvm_t' has been typedef'd to '_kvmd' but I haven't
     been able to find the definition for the latter also on Solaris
     . However, 2.6 does contain a header file with the appropriate

Thanks for the responses.


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