SUMMARY (take I) - Sun resellers

From: Igor Schein (
Date: Mon Apr 06 1998 - 14:35:39 CDT


thanks to everyone who replied. I now have a healthy list of Sun
resellers recommended by you people. If there's an interest ( i.e., at
least 1 reply to this summary ), i'll re-summarize it with the complete
list that I've put together. I was also refered to a site I ended up buying the drives from Concorde Group,
our SGI reseller, because even though their prices are not the lowest
available, but there're close, and it's easier to stick with 1 reseller,
rather than having 1 reseller per vendor. To those who offered their own
drives for sale, my management didn't like the idea of buying from
directly individuals, so sorry about ignoring you guys :) To finalize, I
get a great deal of very useful responses, so thank again.


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