SUMMARY: Answerbook printing terminated on the halfway!

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Date: Mon Apr 06 1998 - 09:12:11 CDT

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Original Question:
I have downloaded SunLink SNA manual from as a
postscript file, then used lp to print it. The printing was terminated
at the beginning of the second chapter. Similar things happened before:
when I tried to print answerbook's system admin command manual, either
from a downloaded postscript file or from the installed answerbook, the
printing was only working on the first 30 pages and then terminated. I
called Sun service at that time and they said there were some bugs in
the answerbook and they couldn't help.

Sometimes there are postscript errors in Sun answerbook files. The only
way I have found to fix this is to either try a different printer (one
with more RAM) or hand edit the files. Also beware of the colour
diagrams that appear in the latest manuals. If you have it, another
trick is to load the ps files into pagemaker and print from there.

>1) How to hand edit the files? Do you mean edit postscript codes?
Yes, mucky but it's all plain text. Some documents still try and force
the paper size to letter, unheard of outside the US!
>2) Have you successfully printed the answerbook from pagemaker?
I've had our IS people convert the ps files to pdf, or re-save them as
ps files. Both options tend to sort out PostScript bugs.

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