SUMMARY : My Sparc10 reboot several times

From: Lorandi M. Alberto (
Date: Sat Apr 04 1998 - 11:58:05 CST

Thank you to all who responded to my question:

My oriiginal question:

I have an sparc10 with 2 cpu's and running solaris 2.3, NIS+ server, Print
Server and DNS server. Several times in a month the workstation reboots and I
see at /var/adm/messages the following error

Dec 10 19:45:00 sparc10-2 unix: panic: mutex_adaptive_exit: mutex not owned
    by thread, lp f0181560 owner f09e2ec0 lock ff waiters 0 curthread f09e2ec0
Dec 10 19:45:00 sparc10-2 unix: syncing file systems... SunOS
    Release 5.3 Version Generic_101674-01 [UNIX(R) System V Release 4.0]

Does any can to help me?
Thank you so much

Lorandi M. Alberto
Universidad Veracruzana
Instituto de Ingenieria
David Wolfskill wrote:

Not sure, but it looks as if the message is reporting a problem
with the Solaris 2.3 versin of "lp".

I did some contract work for Adobe for a few months about a year ago,
and I recall that even the Solaris 2.3 workstations (vs. print servers)
had trouble with "lp"; in each case, I just arranged for the machine
to be upgraded to 2.5.1, and the problems went away.

I'd be disinclined to recommend Solaris before 2.5 for anything....
Michael Zika <> wrote:

We had this problem several times under Solaris 2.3. Applying the
most recent kernel patch seemed to reduce the frequency, but never
truly fixed the problem. If possible, I would strongly recommend
updating your OS to 2.5.1 or 2.6.
Benjamin R. Cline wrote:

Sounds like a kernel bug to me. I'd suggest you consider upgrading to
something more current (like Solaris 2.5.1 or Solaris 2.6) if you can, and
make sure you have all of the recommended patches installed if you can't!
Arora, Samir wrote:

You may have to apply patch for that 101318-74.The Readme file has
something explained for that
Glenn Satchell wrote:

pgrade to Solaris 2.5.1 or 2.6 - this is actually faster than
installing all the Solaris 2.3 recommended patches. Any panic message
indicates a kernel bug. You could try installing just the Solaris 2.3
kernel patch but the upgrade is a better fix.
|* After a lot of time I find the problem, another administrator change the
atributes of *|
|* lp making this only executable by root (we have a lot of problems with
paper wasted), *|
|* when several users tries to print my sparc reboot.
|* I change the atributes to lp and the problem was gone

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