SUMMARY: Quad Fast Ethernet, Ultra 2 and Solaris 2.6 & Trunking to Cabletron

From: John Stoffel (
Date: Fri Apr 03 1998 - 08:50:33 CST

Thanks to all those who replied to my message:

        Ruth Miller <>
        Art Freeman <>
        Christopher L. Barnard <>
        Nigel Canning <>
        David Thorburn-Gundlach <>

The answer from Nigel Canning and David Thorburn-Gunlach (and poking
on the Sun web site for 30 minutes) is that you can't use the Solaris
2.x drivers on the CD that comes with the Quad Fast Ethernet board,
you need to goto the following Sun web page to get the specific
Solaris 2.6 drivers from:

Once I loaded the drivers using their directions, I could then use
        ifconfig qfe1 plumb

to get a port up and running and showing up under a netstat -i.

According to Christopher L. Barnard, there's a problem with interfaces
locking up randomly unless you have the following in your /etc/system

    * 100 M/bit Card Co-existence on Ultra 2
    set hme:hme_64bit_enable=0
    set fas:fas_enable_sbus64=0
    * End edit
    *set qfe:qfedebug=1

I don't know whether he is running Solaris 2.6 or 2.5.1 on his Ultra2
box, but I would hope that they would have fixed this problem in the
latest patches. I did get in the suggested patch bundle from
sunsolve and I'll see what they have to offer.

As for the trunking question, the only solution I seem to be able to
find is the Sun Trunking 1.0 software, which looks to cost extra.
Haven't determined yet if it will work with our Cabletron Switches
yet, but we'll try it out.

My original message:

John> I've got a brand new Ultra2 with 300Mhz CPUs and 512Mb of ram which is
John> going to become our main fileserver one of these days. I'm trying to
John> get it running with Solaris 2.6 and a Quad Ethernet SBUS board. I've
John> poked all around the archives and I've found several items about
John> problems interacting with HME boards, etc, but nothing about what I'm
John> trying to do.

John> For whatever reason, it won't recognize the boards enough to actually
John> install the drivers. I've tried installing the 2.5.1HW... qfe driver
John> stuff from the CDROM that came with the board, but no dice.

John> Prtconf gives:

John> SUNW,hme, instance #0
John> SUNW,bpp (driver not attached)
John> SUNW,qfe (driver not attached)
John> SUNW,qfe (driver not attached)
John> SUNW,qfe (driver not attached)
John> SUNW,qfe (driver not attached)

John> which tells me it sees the hardware, but the drivers aren't on the
John> system. Do I need to do a re-install of Solaris 2.6 *with* the board
John> installed to make sure the drivers are loaded? It wasn't installed
John> when I first did the install. Or could I do an upgrade install to get
John> the drivers?

John> The second question is sorta a followup to Thomas Bleek's Summary post
John> when he asked if people had trunking working between Cabletron MMAC+
John> switches and Solaris 2.5.1. Since it's now quite a bit later, I
John> thought I'd ask again. Basically, I'd like to use two or three ports
John> at 100Mb/s to link the switch to the sun for better through put.

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