SUMMARY: HELP!! Openwin hang!!!

From: Duffy Men (
Date: Fri Apr 03 1998 - 08:44:54 CST

Unfortunely, I did not receive any answer that can help me fix this problem.
I call SUN technical support engineer, they can not figure out either.
The SUN support engineer told me the only reason he can guess is network
problem (NFS) cause "openwin" hang. He suggest me installed patch (105720-03)
. I installed this patch, but problem still happen. If anyone have solution
please let me know.

Thank you.

My original post:

> We have several SUN SPARC Computers with SOLARIS 2.6 installed. There has
> an open windows problem cause me headache. When user type "openwin", the
> Solaris 2.6 screen come up and stay in there forever. I need remote login
> from another computer to kill the session. This problem happen on all of
> our SUN computers include Ultra Sparc 1, Sparc 5, 10 and 20. This open
> windows problem can NOT reproduce but it happen maybe once or twice every
> month on each computer.
> Does anyone know how to fix it??? Thank you for help.

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