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Date: Wed Apr 01 1998 - 16:40:13 CST

Here is my original posting:

>we have a mammoth 8mm tape drive (20-40GB) connected to an Enterprise
3000, running Solaris >2.6 and Oracle 8.0.3. At first, using /dev/rmt/0cn,
we were able to backup up only 22GB of >data. Then we changed
/kernel/drv/st.conf to be the following:
> "EXABYTE EXB8900", "Exabyte Mammoth","mam-data";
>mam-data = 1,0x29,0,0x1de39,1,0x7f,0;>
>This increased the size we were able to backup to 27GB. However, this is
not enough yet! We >tried Networker, but again we only managed to back up
>Has anybody out there any other suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Sorry, I probably should have mentioned the ufsdump parameters (ufsdump 0uf
tapedevn FS).

The general consensus was that 27 GB of data is about as much as we can
expect to back up (we are using 170m tapes already and ufsdump's default
blocking factor is 126 which is the highest anyway).

Thanks to:
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Colin Melville
Jim McVey <>
Niall O Broin <>

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