Summary: named problem

Date: Wed Apr 01 1998 - 11:12:28 CST

     Thank you so very much for the response from following people. You
     all are wonderful indeed.
     Sergey Mokryshev <>
     Moscow Children Computer Club
     Network Administrator
     Ken Trenkelbach
     Eden Matrix
     Kumurasen Govindan <>
     "K.Ravi" <>
     I was misconfigured the named.boot as Sergey pointed out in the
     following comment I received.
     After removing the wrong configuration line off the named.boot file
     and do kill -HUP `cat /etc/` the error message is gone from
     the message log.
     The original question:
     We are running Solaris 2.6 and the server has been configured to work
     as secondary dns server and lookup is working great without problem
     but I received following message from the messages file every 15
     minutes. Could anyone tell me which process causes this error message
     in message log file?
     The machine's ip is
     The notes I received from NET:
     From:Sergey Mokryshev <>
          Moscow Children Computer Club
          Network Administrator
     You have misconfigured DNS server for zone
     The line, that describes this zone in [/etc/named.boot] should look
     like: primary
         <name of file with zone data>
     IMHO, now it looks like:
     secondary <name of
     file with zone data>
     If you try to set up secondary DNS server, set this ^ to primary
     server' address, otherwise make correct record.
     From:Ken Trenkelbach
          Eden Matrix
     Though I've never seen this error myself, it sounds to me like you
     have zone configured in named.conf for
     specifying type slave with as the master.
     If this is the case, and I'm not totally off-base, I'm thinking you
     should change the "masters" ip to your primary nameserver.
     From:Kumurasen Govindan <>
     t seems that your secondary is trying to do a zone transfer with the
     primary server but instead it is refering to itself rather than the
     primary DNS.
     I believe that you might have a wrong address entry for the primary
     server in one of your named files, where you might have entered the
     address of your secondary server instead of your primary servers
     I suggest that you should check your named.boot file and all your SOA
     records and address entries in your secondary DNS.
     From: "K.Ravi" <>
     Looks like a bad entry in /etc/named.boot. The zone it is trying to
     ( is invalid because it is pointing to a
     single IP address rather than a zone. A valid zone name for DNS
     reverse maps would be 50.1.128.IN-ADDR.ARPA. It also appears that you
     have configured this machine
     as DNS secondary to this zone, but the primary server points to

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