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From: JOSEPH AAJ Chackompally (
Date: Tue Mar 31 1998 - 20:26:31 CST

My sincere Thanks to

 Igor Prokopinskiy <>
Andy Cranston <>

Question :

Dear Sun Managers,

Hardware : Sun Ultra Enterprise 3000

I did a test-all at the
ok prompt

The following was displayed

testing /sbus@3,0/SUNW, fas@3,8800000
CE DMA fill from address ffde4000 fro 80bytes
ERROR: DMA Hang Condition detected
Address ffde2008
Expected 8
Observed 0
Self Test failed Return code=1
testing /sbus@3,0/SUNW,hmc@3,8C00000
Internal loop back test-succeeded
Transciever check - passed
testing /sbus@2,0/cgsix@2,0
testing /central@1f,0 /fhc@0, f8800000 /zs@0,904000

After this the machine was hanging for a long time
I switched off the machine and restarted

What is the cause of this error how can this be corrected ?
what is /central@1 ?

Thanks and Regards

Andy Cranston <> Wrote :

The /central@1f,0 is the "clock board" in your E3000. The clock board
has connections for the terminal console device and, if you have a
bit-mapped console display, the bit-mapped console and
The clock board is thinner than the other boards and is the right-most
board when viewing the E3000 system unit from the rear.

Working out the associatations between what's under /devices, what
says and what you can physically see in what slot around the back
a hidden art to me. I've yet to discover a source of comprehensive
information on the subject :-(


Andy Cranston.
OK, I've taken a look at the clock board on our E3000 and it has the
following (order top to bottom):

    A small silver plate covering a connector of unknown type
    A 25 pin RS-232 dumb terminal connector marked 'A'
    The socket for the combined keyboard/mouse lead
    A 25 pin RS-242 dumd terminal connector marked 'B'

 Igor Prokopinskiy <> wrote :

I was running "test all" on 5 different E3000 last week but could not
reproduce the error condition that you have. I am going to ask our
Amdahl people who set up the hardware part for us to check if they can
clear the question.
Talking about the part of your question on "/central@...", I think that
"central" is just another name for the back plane, the only difference
is that you can connect devices from the both sides of the main board.

 Igor Prokopinskiy

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