SUMMARY: Processes not dying after logout

From: Sean Ward (
Date: Tue Mar 31 1998 - 12:12:14 CST

Hi all. I'm afraid this is a summary in name only as I have not been able to
solve the problem. My original question is at the end.

Unfortunately, I only got three replies: one suggestion which didn't apply to
my environment, and a pair of "me toos", so I'm still at loss. I did stumble
across a Sun XDM FAQ, which looked like it might solve the problem:

14. Why does quitting one session from one XTerminal cause all XTerminals
    to reset ?
    The most likely reason for the resource:
    in the $OPENWINHOME/lib/xdm/xdm-config file is being set to:
    If the entry does exist in the xdm-config file:
        DisplayManager*reset: $OPENWINHOME/lib/xdm/Xreset
    it should be changed to:
        DisplayManager._0.reset: $OPENWINHOME/lib/xdm/Xreset
    The xdm process should be restarted.

Unfortunately, this didn't work. :-( Thanks to the following for replying:

Heidi Burgiel <>
Karl Sierka <>
" Rogerio Rocha - BVL - Lisbon Stock Exchange -I.S." <>

Original message:
> Hi Managers. I have an Ultra 1 running 2.5.1 w/ the recommended patches. One
> of its functions is a boot server for 7 HP Envizex X-Window terminals. When
> the users - all running CDE - log out by pressing the "EXIT" button, only
> about half the time will they exit properly. The rest of the time their
> terminal will freeze, with their only option being a power cycle. At this
> point, all of the processes they were running at the time of their logout wil
> l
> still be running, and whatever tty's they had would still be in use. Over
> time, this causes all sorts of problems as the system runs out of resources.
> I've checked both Sun's and HP's web site, as well as the archvies, and I've
> come up with nothing. Does anybody have any suggestions? Apologies in advance
> if this is not a Sun problem.

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