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Date: Tue Mar 31 1998 - 08:46:55 CST

Thanks to the following persons for responsidng to this question:
Celeste Stokely
Kevin Sheehan

Celeste Stokely supplied a URL:
She was also very kind in supplying me with answers to a lengthy post I
emailed to her.

Kevin Sheehan supplied me with info on the serial card, as he thought it
sounded like a ALM card, and he suggessted running prtconf or prtconf -vp
to find
information about what is included in the box, including the VME card.

V.Q. Hoang also thought this was a ALM card, specifically an ALM-2 card, and he
suggested the driver is part of the OS. He also mentioned that not all ports
on these style cards have full modem control for signal leads.

I would like to thank all of you for taking the time to respond to this. As we
are a public school, we don't have funds available for buying a new server,
and we need to keep this one going for as long as we are possibly able.

Original Question:
Hi Sun-Managers:
I posted a question before concerning the dial up terminal services on our
server. We have narrowed this down to a problem with the VME style serial
We do not have the resources to update this to the S-bus style, but I was
wondering if anyone remembers any details in getting this old style VME
serial bus to work with modems?
   I believe we may need some sort of specific file, such as a driver,
installed at the kernel?

Thanks in advance, and will summarize if there is interest.

-Larry Pazdernik
-Computer Information Technician
-Kearney Public Schools

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