Summary: 3rd time for SSA, VM, root disks?

Date: Mon Mar 30 1998 - 10:55:06 CST

Thanks to:
Birger Wathne
Gert Marais

for some additional info and encouragement!

Finally have the system set the way I wanted it. Two internal drives in the
E-3000 (root and mirror), and an attached SSA.

All I really had to do was set the boot-disk variable to disk disk1. One
tricky part is that if you pull the root drive while it is under VM
control, when the system boots off the mirror, it will automagically create
a mirror for itself on any available disk. Threw me off a little, but it
does make sense if you think about it. To recover the "real" root disk, I
had to unmirror the rootvol, then reboot from the primary root disk.

Works great now, thanks again to everyone for their help & suggestions.

Colin Melville
Technology Partners, supporting MasterCard International

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