SUMMARY: Unable to read boot error message

From: Ken McKinlay (
Date: Mon Mar 30 1998 - 16:33:48 CST

I have been remiss in posting the summary for this message but I had problems
with my mail system....

 The solution that worked for me is attaching a system to serial port A via a
null modem. Below is the solution and other possible avenues that may be used
depending on the circumstances:

---------------------------------- (Emy Parparita):
disconnect the keyboard from the ultra and use a dumb terminal connected to
serial port `a' (9600 bauds, 8bits, no parity) and press the hold key or ctrl/s
to stop the display at any point. even better you can use a pc (windos,
terminal app in no modem mode, 9600 bauds, 7 bits, space parity) or a serial
cable from the serial port `b' of a nearby sun, running `tip -9600 /dev/ttyb'
in a xterm. the last two solutions offer you a scrolling window so you can
trace back the messages.

the cables:

pc sun, port a
female 9p male 25p
2 ------------ 2
3 ------------ 3
5 ------------ 7

sun, port b sun, port a
male 25p male 25p
2 ------------ 3
3 ------------ 2
7 ------------ 7

see also `man tip'.
Erwin Fritz <>:
What I do to counter this problem is to boot to single user and then manually
execute each of the scripts, in order, in the /etc/rc*.d directories.

"Arora, Samir" <>:
You can try connecting a vt100 terminal Or PC running terminal emulation
program on the serial port of your system and view the error message
That will help in debugging as well

Mariel Feder <>:
Have you tried the STOP-A keys combination, to stop the process
and see the messages?

bismark@alta.Jpl.Nasa.Gov (Bismark Espinoza):
Look at the files /usr/adm/mess?* .


Many thanks also to:
venkat d <>
Val <>
Dan Hubbard <>
Ronald Loftin <>
Thomas Wong <>
David Wolfskill <>
"Eric R. Dodson" <>

Original Message:
> I am having a problem with an Ultra-2 that is constantly rebooting on
> Unfortunately, on each reboot, the screen is cleared and the error is lost (my
> reading speed is not as fast as an Ultra!). Is there any way to stop this
> rebooting so that I can record the error message and find the real cause of
> problem ?

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