SUMMARY (meta): Solaris 2.6 font rendering problems

From: Thomas Anders (
Date: Mon Mar 30 1998 - 05:35:32 CST


lately we've seen lots of questions on this list regarding font
rendering problems on Solaris 2.6, most visible and annoying with
Netscape Navigator/Communicator and it's default Times(Adobe) font.
The summaries to these questions provided some workarounds, but no
real fixes.

Now there is a fix: install Xsun patch 105633-05 or higher (-05 is
dated 24-Mar-1998). Worked for me.

As of today, this patch unfortunatly isn't in the recommended set
(see the Solaris FAQ for questions regarding patch access).

Hope this helps,

P.S. This is some kind of meta-summary to have the solution
in the archives as soon as possible. If you think this is an
undesirable violation of the list rules, please forgive me.

Thomas Anders <>
Hahn Meitner Institute Berlin, Germany

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