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Date: Thu Mar 26 1998 - 14:35:49 CST


>I've never before had a problem with giving a person rsh permissions, until now...

>A user (ftfuser) on our DRS6000 needs to execute a rsh command to a Solaris 2.5 machine
>/etc/hosts entry on the Sol machine:
> WCFRONT ftfuser

        Typo - should be /etc/hosts.equiv

>/home2/ftfuser/.rhosts (home dir) entry on the Sol machine: (file is owned by ftfuser)
> WCFRONT ftfuser
>I checked /etc/services and /etc/inetd.conf and they look ok
>Adding ftfuser to the /etc/hosts.equiv file made no difference
>We don't use DNS or NIS
>whenever the user tries even a simple rsh (rsh sun1 ls) it just says permission denied.
>when ftfuser tries a rlogin to the SS 2.5 machine it prompts for a passwd
>when root tries a rsh and rlogin from the DRS6000 to the SS 2.5 machine, it works fine
>This same user can rsh from the DRS6000 to another machine running Solaris 2.5.1 without any problems
>What am I missing?
>I read through some of the archives, but didn't find anything that solved the problem
>Thanks in advance


David [] came through with the solution that worked
        Try logging in as ftfuser (yes, with a passwd) from the DRS6000 to the
        affected Solaris machine and running finger to see from whence the
        Solaris machine thinks you've come; it probably won't be WCFRONT.

The Solaris machine did think I was someone else (WCDEV)
I modified the .rhosts file in the users home directory on the SS2.5.1 machine with the new info,
and it worked first time.

Thanks to the following for responding:
        Elaine Mele [
        David ThorBurn-Gundlach []
        Vikas Arora []


Lots of people directed me to the .rhosts or hosts.equiv.
also to make sure the .rhosts is writable by the owner and read access for the rest.
 (This was not the problem)

Tom Leach gave an alternative to the finger command. 'who' will also work

Thanks to the following for responding (more)
        Tom Leach []
        Ross Helfand []
        D Steward Mcleod []
        Eugene Kramer []

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