Summary: New Ultra 2611A I/O Board with SSAs

From: Coffindaffer, Virginia (
Date: Thu Mar 26 1998 - 11:01:50 CST


Original Question:
Has anyone ordered an Ultra 3000-6000 I/O Board, 2611A (NEW) ? The
fiber channel ports on this board run at 100 MB/sec compared to the
older 2610A board running at 25 MB/sec. Will this new board with the
new 100 MB fiber channel work with the 112 or 114 SSAs ? BTW - I have
ask Sun and Merisel. Both say it will work. BUT in Sun's own
documentation on the reseller's guide - " The 100 MB/second FC-AL is
not compatible with 25 MB/second Fiber Channel and doesn't support
SPARCstorage(tm) Array disk subsystems." What is the answer ? Will the
2611A work with SSA 112 and 114 ?

Thanks to :
        Peter L. Wargo | <> - who was
on the money.
        David Thorburn-Gundlach - who thought it could not work.
And to a different Merisel help-desk person and a local Sun person

The new 2611A I/O board will not support the 100 and 200 series SSAs.
The only way to connect these SSAs is to purchase a Sbus card, X0157A.
Supposedly, the newer board (2611A) supports the A5000 (Photon) running
at 100 MB/sec and future arrays that have fiber channel all the way to
the disks instead of the SCSI connectors on the inside of 100 and 200
series boxes. The 2610A is being discontinued. Sun is presently
substituting any order for 2610A with a 2611A .


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