SUMMARY : NIS+ table updating

From: Derek Eichele (
Date: Wed Mar 25 1998 - 10:07:00 CST

       Thanks to all those who responded. It seems my poorly worded
     question brought me a variety of answers. I understood that the
     information in the master's tables got pushed to the client
     automatically (according to several replies, it seems that the
     interval is 2 minutes). What I wanted to know was how information
     got from the files to the tables (on the NIS+ master). I was having
     flashbacks to my NIS days and expected some /var/yp/make mechanism.
     There is no such tool by default, although several people have
     written their own. The answer I was looking for, and got, was
     that nisaddent is what I need to do.
       Also, for those that asked, the O'Reilly book I was using was
     for NIS ( I am not aware of a NIS+ edition yet), I was trying
     to extrapolate from any information I could find.
       Thanks for all your replies.
       Derek Eichele.
     A list of respondents and the original post follows:
     My original post :
     I am setting up an NIS+ environment, and I would like to
     understand when and how the information gets propagated to the
     clients. If I make a change to the /etc/auto_home file on the NIS+
     master, how is that change 'pushed' to the NIS+ table? I thought it
     would happen automagically but it didn't seem to. I ran a nisaddent to
     force the table to be updated from the file. Is this the normal
     procedure, or do I need to change some configuration somewhere? I have
     read the answerbook and the O'Reilly to no avail. Anyone have some
     Thanks in advance.
     Derek Eichele.

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