SUMMARY: redirecting application core

From: Ku, Eddie (
Date: Wed Mar 25 1998 - 14:04:41 CST

> My original question was:
> > Sun Managers:
> >
> > While limit/ulimit affects the size of a core file, are there any
> > tunable parameters for either changing the default core dump file
> > location or forcing/redirecting core files?
> >
> Location. Redirection. Thanks again.

I did not find the Silver Bullet (C) I was hoping for, however I still
like to thank everyone who replied.

Majority of the respondents misread my question and explained
limit/ulimit back to me, while the rest pointed to savecore in

The few viable alternatives were suggested by:
David Harte []
poking around genunix (kernel) which unfortunately I was not prepared to
Peter Bestel []
Both suggested putting the application in jail (ie in a chrooted
environment, either in the original program or through a wrapper)
Petri Kallberg - Sun Finland - [Petri.Kallberg@Finland.Sun.COM]
Use symbolic link to put $CWD/core ---> to some other file location.

But apparently there is not a way, not just under Solaris/SunOS, to do
this effectively.

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