SUMMARY: Solstice Backup 5.0.1 save of boostrap fail

From: Esther Muller (
Date: Wed Mar 25 1998 - 09:49:55 CST

>I recently upgraded Solstice Backup from 4.2.2 to 5.0.1.
>Everything worked fine for about 2 days when the scheduled backups
>started returning the following errors:
>Neptune syslog: Solstice Backup Savegroup: (alert) Ctron2_6_wf completed, 1 client(s) (Neptune Failed)
>Neptune syslog:
>Neptune syslog: --- Unsuccessful Save Sets ---
>Neptune syslog:
>Neptune syslog: * Neptune:bootstrap 1 retry attempted
>Neptune syslog: * Neptune:bootstrap nsrindexasm: can't open index for Neptune
>Neptune syslog: * Neptune:bootstrap nsrindexasm: SYSTEM error, Resource temporarily unavailable
>Neptune syslog: * Neptune:bootstrap nsrindexasm: save failed on /nsr/index/Neptune/db/
>Neptune syslog: * Neptune:bootstrap save: external ASM `nsrindexasm' exited with code 1
>Neptune syslog: * Neptune:bootstrap save: /nsr/index/Neptune/db was not successfully saved
>Neptune syslog: * Neptune:bootstrap save: RPC error, Can't encode arguments
>Neptune syslog: * Neptune:bootstrap save: save of bootstrap to Neptune failed
>Neptune syslog:
>Neptune syslog: --- Successful Save Sets ---
>Neptune syslog:
>Neptune syslog: Neptune: /ctron2fs/wf level=full, 5297 MB 01:51:58 100 files
>Neptune syslog: Neptune: /nsr/index/Neptune level=full, 129 MB 00:02:52 5 files
>Neptune syslog: Start time: Fri Mar 20 16:10:22 1998
>Neptune syslog: End time: Fri 1998
>Neptune syslog:
>Neptune syslog: --- Successful Save Sets ---
>Neptune syslog:
>Neptune syslog: Neptune: /ctron2fs/gl level=full, 2993 MB 00:57:44 56 files
>Neptune syslog: Neptune: /nsr/index/Neptune level=full, 129 MB 00:02:51 5 files
>Neptune syslog: * Neptune:bootstrap 1 retry attempted
>Neptune syslog: Neptune: bootstrap level=full, 2.0 MB 00:00:47 11 files
>We have a Sun Enterprise 6000 running Solaris 2.5.1, and a DLT4700.
>My question is:
>Should I be worried about these errors?
>Are there patches/fixes for Solstice Backup 5.0.1, and where can I get them?
>Thanks is advance (and of course I will summarize)

ANSWER(sort of?)

No-one could tell me the reason for the errors and whether or not it is a serious error

Thanks to Steve Belcher ( who wrote:
        If you have a maintenance contract with Sun you are going to have to
        create a service call
        and request the patch. Sun will then make the patch available for a
        couple of days on
        Sunsolve's web site.

I also found a message on the legato mailing list from Robert M Blake

>>>>> "Robert M. Blake" <> posted to the networker list:

        Just to let everyone know that if you're running Sun Solstice
        Backup 5.0.1 (aka Legato 5) and are having the nightmares I
        was running on both Solaris 2.5.1 and 2.6, you need Sun patch
        105658-03 (aka Legato patch 9 I believe). This patch does not
        exist for the general public so you've got to call 1-800-usa-4-sun

        It will exist for a short time via ftp at in the
        /cores directory as 105658-03.tar.Z. You will not be able to see the
        file but you can retrieve it. It's 35+ megs so fire up the T1.

        This seemed to fix a ton of probs from upgrading indices from
        4.2.6 to fixing lots of SparcStorage Library 8400 problems.

I haven't yet logged a service call, because the error we get doesn't appear to be serious,
and I don't know if it is worth my while to download a 35+ meg patch for it.

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