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Date: Wed Mar 25 1998 - 02:18:39 CST

Thanks to those who answered:
David Thorburn-Gundlach <> (Enrique Vadillo)
Rich Kulawiec <>
David and Rich both suggested using fetchmail.
you can check the home page at

Enrique gave me an answer for windows 95: dmail for windows

I guess I will give fetchmail atry, once I am ready to do the change at the
client site

Thanks to all.

My question was:

Dear Sun gurus

We are an ISP, and we provide email services to our customers who have
domain names registered.

Until now, we had been doing the following:
for a client who has a sun machine we would provide a uucp email account.
This client's sun machine would dial into our access servers, then access
our mail server to exchange email over uucp.

now what we are looking for is to change this solution to the following:
all mail received for the domain is forwarded to one
POP email account "clientmail" on our email server.

When the client's sun machine dials out and gets connected to us, it would
pop mail from account "clientmail". then mail would get distributed locally
to for exp or,
user1 and user2 being email accounts on the client's sun machine.

Does anyone of you already has such a setup ? What are the requirements for
such a setup on the client machine, and the recommended configuration. And
especially, how can we make the sun machine POP mail from our mail server,
then distribute it locally to the respective

Thank you

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