SUMMARY: booting off the net to single-user?

From: Steven Sakata (
Date: Mon Mar 23 1998 - 14:27:23 CST

Thanks goes to:

Benjamin Cline
Tze Wong
David Schiffrin
Jeff Woolsey
Birger Wathne
Alexandre Peixoto
David Thorburn-Gun
Matthew Stier
Leo Crombach
Michael Hill
Janet Hoo
Ronald Loftin
Bismark Espinoza

who responded to my original question of:

> We have a SPARCbook that has a damaged /etc/passwd file and cannot boot
> up to single-user. We do not have an external CDROM drive where we can
> boot off the Solaris CD, and fix the /etc/passwd file. We do have other
> SPARC systems that do have internal CDROM drives? Is it possible to
> boot off the net to single-user mode? Or any other ideas? I was thinking
> about trying to attach the SPARCbook disk to one of the other systems and
> mounting/repairing it there, but I have no matching SCSI interface.

Basically, the answer was "yes" you can boot off the net to single-user
mode by typing, "boot net -s" at the "ok" prompt.

However, a boot server needs to be set up prior to this, and the server
needs to know the mac address of the SPARCbook.

- Steven.

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