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From: Mohamed Benjelloun (
Date: Thu Mar 19 1998 - 13:38:38 CST

Thanks to the all the respondents, including: (Vince Hickey)
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My original question was: OK, here's an easy one for you: SUN OS 4.1.4 ( I know I wish it was something else) IPC MultiTech modem It was working till 3 days ago. We were able to dialin with no problem. Now impossible to do anything with this modem. when we call the modem will answer but will not give a prompt. I checked eeprom: ttyb-rts-dtr-off=false ttyb-ignore-cd=true ttya-rts-dtr-off=false ttya-ignore-cd=true I beleive it's OK. I recreated the dial-in/out device: cd /dev mknod cua0 c 12 128 chmod 600 cua0 chown uucp cua0 mv ttya ttyd0

I checked the gettytab: # # Fast dialup terminals, 2400/1200/300 rotary (can start either way) # STD9600|Fast-Dial-9600:\ :nx=D2400:tc=9600-baud: D2400|Fast-Dial-2400:\ :nx=D1200:tc=2400-baud: 3|D1200|Fast-Dial-1200:\ :nx=D300:fd@:tc=1200-baud: 5|D300|Fast-Dial-300:\ :nx=D2400:tc=300-baud:

the ttytab looks as follow: # @(#)ttytab 1.7 92/06/23 SMI # # name getty type status comments # console "/usr/etc/getty cons8" sun on local secure #ttya "/usr/etc/getty std.9600" unknown off local secure ttyd0 "/usr/etc/getty STD.9600" dialup on remote secure #cua0 "/usr/etc/getty D9600" dialup off remote secure ttyb "/usr/etc/getty std.9600" unknown off local secure tty00 "/usr/etc/getty std.9600" unknown off local secure

I run #kill -HUP 1

the serial port has software carrier detect disabled. /etc/rc file has the following entry: /usr/etc/ttysoftcar -a > /dev/null 2>&1 my /etc/remote file looks as follow: dialup1|Dial-up system:\ :pn=2015551212%:tc=UNIX-1200: hardwire:\ :dv=/dev/ttyd0:br#9600:el=^C^S^Q^U^D:ie=%$:oe=^D: tip1200:tc=UNIX-1200: tip0|tip9600:tc=UNIX-9600: cu0|cu300:tc=UNIX-300: cu1200:tc=UNIX-1200: UNIX-1200:\ :el=^D^U^C^S^Q^O@:du:at=ventel:ie=#$%:oe=^D:br#300:tc=dialers: UNIX-1200:\ :el=^D^U^C^S^Q^O@:du:at=ventel:ie=#$%:oe=^D:br#1200:tc=dialers: VMS-300|TOPS20-300:\ :el=^Z^U^C^S^Q^O:du:at=ventel:ie=$@:oe=^Z:br#300:tc=dialers: VMS-1200|TOPS20-1200:\ :el=^Z^U^C^S^Q^O:du:at=ventel:ie=$@:oe=^Z:br#1200:tc=dialers: dialers:\ :dv=/dev/cua0: - But when I run the following command: ttysoftcar -a The system will hung I don't know what I am doing wrong. Please help. And thanx in advance. Ben.


The solution by Vince Hickey: I have seen this problem on LaserWriter Printers too... I solved the "hang" problem with ttysoftcar -y /dev/ttya or ttysoftcar -n /dev/ttya. It appeared that different scenerios would put the port in a wierd state and even a powerdown did not help. Try the -y first then the -n (or visa-vera one may free it up) This information was located in a Sun Tech Note sometime back in 1990 (?) I happen to remember this VERY troublesome issue. I Hope that fixes it. Vince


Thanx again. Ben.

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