SUMMARY: DDS-1 tape drive SUN (solaris) <--> HP (fwd)

From: Scott F. Woods (
Date: Thu Mar 19 1998 - 10:35:38 CST

Once again my question was answered promptly and accurately
by the insightful people who read this mailing list. My
thanks to Bob Radvanovsky and Bismark Espinoza who let
me know that yes I could write to a 4mm DD-1 tape on a
SUN workstation and read it on an HP workstation. Also,
a DDS-3 drive can read/write DDS-2 and DDS-1 tapes and
a DDS-2 drive can read/write DDS-1 tapes.

Thanks again!!

Original post:

HI all,

I need to move some data between a SUN workstation running
SOLARIS 2.5 and an HP workstation running HP-UX (I'm not sure
what version). The HP workstation is not on any network, but
it has a 4mm tape drive in it (it says dlcz on the cover). I
have been using DDS-1 tapes to move data between another HP
workstation and it, but I would like to have a drive connected
to my SUN workstation that could write to these tapes. Will
any DDS-1 tape drive work or is there a special HP format?
Can I go with a DDS-3 drive and still write a format compatible
with the HP? How about a DDS-2?

Thanks for all your help!!


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