SUMMARY:VM plex keeps on detaching itself automatically

From: Derrick Lim (
Date: Wed Mar 18 1998 - 21:28:43 CST

Thanks to Gert Marais and Birger Wathne....

Gert pointed out that it could be caused by power failure. When power is
restored, the system will boot up again, and the OS has been loaded
before the SSA disks have completely spined up. The SSA disks should all
have spined up completely before the system can be booted.

Birger said that it could be a backup script that detached the plex for
doing backup and forget to re-attach it after backup.

However, in my situation, it is the case of power failure that lead to
the problem.

Thanks again to Gert and Birger.

Hello all,

i have looked through the Sun archive and FAQ, and i don't think i can
get what i want. The problem is like this :

One of my clients has a SC2000 with a SSA. Basically, the system is used
to run Sybase to support their production system. Last few days, they
found out that one of the plexs in a mirror volume detached
automatically without any obvious reason.

i have tried to recreated the plex and sync back to the mirror, but
later it gets detached again automatically. There is no sign of disk
failure and i couldn't find any error messges too.

Does anyone know what is causing the problem?

Derrick Lim
CSA Penang
email :

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