SUMMARY: A puzzling ksh problem

From: FreakaZoid (
Date: Wed Mar 18 1998 - 16:03:05 CST

I would like to thank all who responded and apologize for taking up the
bandwidth of the list nazis.

I found it shortly after posting.... The eval <command string> works

> This one is either easy or just can't be done?
> I have a user who wants to create a command line out of three
> variables in a ksh function/script. The user collects the pieces and

> sets a variable, and uses the variable on one line. The command(s)
> almost execute but then it isn't what you would expect.
> e.g.
> #!/bin/ksh
> MORE="| more"
> LS=ls
> LS_CMD="$LS $1 $MORE"
> Any help will be greatly appreciated. This would be easily done in
> or C, but the user is hard core KSH so this must be in the KSH.
> Thanks again.

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