SUMMARY: Looking for a suntechd for Solaris 1.x/SunOS 4.1.x

From: Detlev Habicht (
Date: Wed Mar 18 1998 - 02:22:39 CST

Hi all,

i was looking for a suntechd (the vendor daemon for FLEXlm licensing)
running on Solaris 1.x/SunOS 4.1.x.

Well, i found a Solaris 1.x/SunOS 4.1.x suntechd. There is one
in patch 102493-01 available. I will test it now.

I got also hints, that Solaris 1.x and 2.x Workshops CDs comes
with both versions of suntechd. I can't find it here, because we have
an inhouse university distribution of Suns workshops as tar-files
without suntechd ....

Thanx for all hints to:

"Srikanth A." <>
Mark Hargrave <>
Casper Dik <casper@holland.Sun.COM>
Rick Reineman <>


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