SUMMARY- nfs mount problems

From: Robert T. Clift (
Date: Tue Mar 17 1998 - 07:04:25 CST

Thanks for all the replies. Casper hit it on the head.

The answer:

Probably need to use the fully qualified domainname.


Once I did the following on the server I was able to mount the nfs shared

# exportfs -i -o ro, /local/bin/dir

The original question:

I am trying to mount a exported file system from a 4.1.3u1 system to a 2.6
>system with some security. If I do the following on the server:
>#exportfs -i -a -o ro /local/bin/dir
>I can mount it and read it, but I get a warning like:
>#mount -F nfs server:/local/bin/dir /local/bin/dir
>WARNING: No network locking on server:/local/bin/dir: contact admin to install
>server change

This means you need to install the latest NFS and lockd patches on the
4.1.3u1 server,

>Then if I add the access option with the exportfs command like:
># exportfs -i -o ro,access=client /local/bin/dir
>I do this on the client and get access denied:
>#mount -F nfs server:/local/bin/dir /local/bin/dir
>nfs mount: server:/local/bin/dir: access denied

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